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"I clicked a button and in seconds 105 employees received an email giving them their login to review a Harassment Prevention training course. And within minutes the Dashboard showed updates as one after another logged in and started the review process. Soon my email started coming in with notifications of the course completion. It was a beautiful thing - like Magic!” - A Satisfied Customer 

Gaining Accreditation can be a rigorous process – which is why it gives credibility to the organizations that have achieved accreditation. Rigorous does not have to mean it takes forever. Rigorous does not have to mean has to cost a lot either.

Consider a technical service provider who is pursuing an industry accreditation. One of the requirements is that the company has a set of policies and procedures in place. Some of these policies and procedures are already in place and some have to be developed. This is the first challenge.

The second challenge is that every employee has to review these policies and procedures, at least once a year. Additionally, for some of the higher risk policies and procedures there is a mandatory knowledge test.

The third and final challenge is that the company needs to be able to show evidence or provide proof of delivery for all training and testing.

How is this even possible?

For someone without the resources this task would cost an unreasonable amount of time and money to the point where it wouldn’t even be considered possible or worth it. Consider a company with 100 employees and 50 policies and procedures. That is 5,000 documents per year for training materials, 5,000 documents per year for testing, and 5,000 documents per year for sign offs. Imagine the paper cost and labour involved in distributing, collecting, and ensuring sing-offs of every single policy for every single employee. The process would be never ending. You would just finish the process for one year and have to start on the next year. Imagine looking for someone's records in all that paperwork as well, it would be a chore.

Apply some Magic

Let's start by getting rid of the paper and putting all the policies and procedures in an electronic format, Word, PDF or PPT, something that is easy to view, easy to store and easy to maintain.

Next let's put these materials online and provide controlled access to our policy and procedure materials using the online system. The system would:

  • Handle distributing the policies
  • Measures and monitors as people complete the review and training process
  • Handles sending out reminders to ensure everyone gets trained
  • Maintains master copies of the original and subsequent revised policies

These features make policy management simple and easy, just like Magic.

Finally let's add a formal sign off that is stored in the system and can be emailed to a policy manager as each person signs off. There you have it. All electronic – highly automated – and cost effective accreditation training.

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