Increase Compliance - 8 Ways to 100%

Compliance affects everyone, and for many of us we need "Proof of Compliance" for things like our policies, health and safety, regulatory and professional accreditation compliance. When you need 100% compliance with a policy, training or testing, here are eight (8) ways to help you get to 100%.

  1. Start Early - when you know what has to be done, get started as soon as possible. Make it part of an orientation. Plant the seed when you are interviewing. Most of the progress towards a goal is made early and as the deadline approaches.
  2. Simplify or Minimize, Break into Bit Sized Pieces - sometimes the size of a task is overwhelming and the idea of doing it all at one time leads to procrastination. Rather than having one massive "Code of Conduct Policy" can you separate it into separate policies that allow people to make some progress and gain confidence as they move through it.
  3. Increase Accessibility - when we want high compliance rates we need to remove the barriers to compliance. The idea of on demand access to training materials, to policy documents create deterrents. If the only time I can take the test is on one day once a year it gives me a lot of wiggle room to get out of it. Take away the wiggle room by increasing access.
  4. Increase fit to Individuals - when we have a one size fits all offering we make it more difficult for someone who does not fit that size. Many introverted people love online training because they don’t have the intimidation and awkwardness of a group training session. Many extroverts and more social people love getting together for a face to face portion. Is there some way to blend the training or provide a better fit for everyone?
  5. Formalize - the more you can formalize your proof of compliance the higher the compliance rate. Setting a specific deadline for completion, adding a testing component, adding a sign off to acknowledge understanding and agreement are some examples of adding formality to your compliance process.
  6. Monitor - "we are watching you", in a good way. Think about it, when no one is watching you do you stop at every stop sign? Probably not a full stop, well not 100% of the time. But if you have ever gotten a ticket for rolling through a stop sign there is a good chance you ALWAYS stop at THAT stop sign. When your people know you can monitor their logins, know where you are at in a policy review process, know what score they got on their compliance testing, they increase their attention on the task at hand.
  7. Measure - "what gets measured gets done" is a phrase made popular by Peter Drucker. It is very true, when something is being measured it gets people’s attention, it becomes a habit to talk about and resources are directed towards it. Measure your compliance rate, publish it, and celebrate your success toward reaching the milestones along the way.
  8. Threats and Treats - this was saved as a last resort and there may be some people who disagree with the idea that we need to use threats or any form of negative reinforcement. And on the other side some people think that we should not have to use treats or incentives to get to 100% compliance rate. But the truth is they work and are just another tool that may have a time and place to get you to the finish line with you`re compliance goals.

Compliance is a cornerstone of all successful businesses and for those people who work in compliance, take pride in keeping your organization on track. Successful people and organizations are both disciplined. Hopefully these eight (8) Ways to Increase Compliance will give you ideas to make your goal of 100% compliance faster to reach and easier to maintain.

The idea for this article came from several discussions with customers who were managing their policy training, compliance tracking, and accreditation testing and certificate maintenance programs online. They are based on the benefits they get from the tools and processes used in Policy Magic.

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