Increase Compliance - 8 easy steps to 100%

Compliance training is incredibly important and good compliance training creates a strong foundation for good business. Many organizations also need "Proof of Compliance" for health and safety policies, regulatory policies and professional accreditation compliance. When you need 100% compliance with policy or procedure training, here are 8 ways to help you get to 100%.

  1. Start Early - Compliance training is foundational, getting employees to think about it as soon as possible, even in interviewing can help make compliance easier down the line.

  2. Simplify or Minimize - Compliance policies can be overwhelming, the idea of doing it all at once can lead to procrastination. Breaking up the content can make it more consumable. Rather than having one massive "Code of Conduct Policy”, separate it into separate policies that allow people to make some progress and gain confidence as they move through it.

  3. Increase Accessibility - to get high compliance rates we need to remove the barriers to compliance. Restricting employees to a time or location for training can create barriers that could easily delay training or testing, preventing 100% compliance. Having training and testing readily available whenever and wherever removes those barriers and brings you closer to 100%.

  4. Increase fit to Individuals - Everyone learns differently, a one size fits all training method makes it harder to get 100% compliance. Some people prefer visuals or audio, and some people like to learn at their own pace, taking breaks or doing it all at once. Having flexible training materials and methods increases fit for everyone.

  5. Formalize - Setting a specific deadline for completion, adding a testing component, and adding a sign off are some examples of adding formality to your compliance process. This formality leads employees to take compliance training seriously and get it done.

  6. Monitor - In general knowing people are watching us makes us act more responsible and productively. This has been shown over and over in studies. If your employees know you are capable of seeing their progress they are more likely to complete policy training and review.

  7. Measure - "what gets measured gets done" is a phrase made popular by Peter Drucker. Measuring things like progress or achievement draws attention to them, gives them importance and helps you get it done. Measure your compliance rate, publish it, and celebrate your success toward reaching milestones along the way.

  8. Consequences and Rewards - this is saved as a last resort. The majority of employees will have no issue completing training but in cases where they are resistant to all other motivating methods reminding them of consequences and rewarding those who complete it early can get compliance to 100%.

Compliance training is a cornerstone of all successful businesses and those who work in compliance, take pride in keeping their organization on track. Hopefully these 8 easy steps to Increase Compliance will give you ideas to make your goal of 100% compliance faster to reach and easier to maintain.

The idea for this article came from discussions with customers who were managing their policy training, compliance tracking, accreditation testing and certificate maintenance programs online. The 8 steps are based on the benefits they saw from using the tools provided by PolicyMagic.

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