Business Ethics Training

The average adult makes thousands of decisions every day. Some research estimates that we make about 35,0000 decisions a day. We make many decisions subconsciously with little or no thought.

When we are in a workplace our decisions can have a serious impact on the organization. Split second decisions with little to no consideration to the consequences can be disastrous. If we ignore health and safety regulations and end up getting injured or injuring someone else the consequences can be life changing.

If we are not aware of the consequences of our actions it can cost our employers or company in lost time, money, and customers. It can create a liability of loss of reputation which can ultimately lead to the closure of the business.

Business Ethics training can help to increase awareness about what ethics means in the context of a workplace. Ethics act as a filter that we apply to possible choices we are considering when making decisions.

For example imagine we are considering how we can solve a problem and we have three alternatives. If we consider whether any of these alternatives would be illegal, that is an example of applying an ethical filter to the decision making process. Good ethics training helps employees apply these filters in real time so all the little decisions they make at work support the values of your company and prevent negative workplace incidents.

We offer a free online training course called, Business Ethics Training: Ethical Decision Making in the Workplace. The intent of this course is to increase awareness of what ethics are, how ethics are used in decision making, and what to expect in terms of ethical standards in a workplace. The course is approximately 1 hour in length and is offered online as a generic certificate training course. This course can be included on your resume as one of your achievements. Additionally, If you need continuing education credits or professional development points you may be able to submit the course to your professional organization or association for possible approval.

This free course also acts as a sample. Making this free ethics training course available makes it easier for business leaders, HR professionals and policy managers who are interested in online policy management to review the training course. Seeing it in action shows just how convenient it would be to have their employees review this type of training. Each workplace has its own set of standards, rules, policies and procedures. If they like the concept of ethics training we want them see how they could use the system to their advantage. They could imagine their own Code of Conduct or an Employee Handbook training specific to their workplace in the same format.

You will see that we have designed this training course to include simple text, audio narrations, images, video, PDF resources, practice questions, and online assignments. These are some of the tools we offer to increase the quality of the learning experience. The online policy training tools also foster the retention of the leaning points so that employees feel comfortable and confident with company policies.

If you are interested in taking this course please contact us at  And if you are interested in your own version of ethics training feel free to fill in the Express Rate Request and we can talk to you about what you're looking for.



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