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Each Policy Manager faces their own set of challenges and the Precise Fit system is designed to allow these challenges to be met with a customized solution. Here are some of the challenges Clients have overcome with a Precise Fit package solution,

The challenge was to allow 7,000 people to review a Code of Conduct policy over a three week time period. This meant adding the employees, getting a notification emailed to each employee, having the employee review and sign off on the policy materials and finally allowing the Policy Manager to see the completion rate reach 100% in the Policy Admin dashboard.

The challenge was to allow an company with 350 people across 22 locations manage 45 policies. The high turnover rate meant a steady stream of new hires to be added and each new employee would need to review the complete set of policies, Existing employees only needed to renew or review policies which had been revised. Each location needs to be able to manage only their own employees to simplify the administration.

The challenge was to allow a customized sign off that would serve as a proof of delivery for policy compliance requirement. As each employee completes the review of the policy materials they are required to sign off with a digital signature which is recorded on their proof of delivery.

The challenge was to allow a company to manage ther Payroll policy which required each emmployee to sign off that they had received their paycheck, and taken their breaks as required by law. The system allows for a login by each employee as they were presented with their pay envelope and a quick and easy acknowledgement that they had received the envelope, all stored in their employee profile for each of the scheduled paydays.

These are just a sampling of the challenges that have been overcome with a Precise Fit package. We like to think that everything is possible and there is a solution to every problem. We are also realistic so feel free to bring us "Your Challenge" and see if we have done something similar or what we can do for you.

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