Ethics and Standards Training

Ethics and standards training is a part of an organizations foundations, imagine an organization without ethics and standards. Not a pretty picture, people lying to customers, people using company resources for their own personal gain. Ethics and standards training is no doubt important for an efficient and safe workplace.

The story on the paperless policy, started many years ago with the growing concern of two things. One was the growing need for many organizations to find “greener” solutions to their problems. The second was the need for organizations to find more efficient ways to share policy materials that would remove the shuffling of paper from person to person only for it to ultimately collect dust and take up storage space. As these issues have grown we have to be able to adapt as businesses while still documenting proof that our employees have reviewed and agree to follow our policies.

Imagine your ethics and standards training online. As we have grown to adapt to the challenges, most businesses have begun showing policy materials digitally through PDF’s or even as videos and images. Having your policies as digital content actually makes it easy to get your materials into an online system that can give you and your employees controlled access. It gives you learning and testing features to enhance your policies. It also gives you monitoring tools so you can easily monitor each person’s progress and ensure they have reviewed and signed off on your policies.

Whats the process of an online policy management system? What would I have to do? What would it be like to use an online policy training and management system ?

  1. Create an online version of your ethics and standards training or send us your existing policy documents.
  2. We load it in the training delivery system and distribute “access to” your policy so you don’t actually have to send the document to your staff, your staff come to the document with a special Access Code.
  3. The system educates and tests through a convenient self-serve online policy delivery system.
  4. Tracking and Enforcing is made simple for you with the ability to log each person’s progress, or lack of progress and send reminders to ensure 100% compliance.

Getting your Ethics and Standards Training Online. That is what we do. Take the next step, call us, email or use the convenient Live Chat when available. You can talk to us about what you want and need.

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