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Online Policy Manual, you do have a policy manual right? Most companies have a few policies. Harassment prevention, violence prevention, code of conduct, privacy, confidentiality, and social media are some of the more common policies all companies have. Traditional policy management makes use of paper copies of printed policies which each employee gets a copy of or is circulated for sign off to acknowledge that each employee has reviewed and accepted the policies.

Looking for an online policy manual, as an alternative? You are not alone. The majority of new policy manuals are not in an electronic format such as Word docs, PDF, PowerPoint. And some include video and audio materials as part of the policy content.

Getting a Policy Manual Online, is a simple shift from a paper based format to an electronic format of materials. You will want to find a format which can be shared easily but may want to provide controlled access so your materials are only accessible by authorized users. You also want to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the document so need to ensure they cannot be edited by users.

Proof of Delivery, is an important step in policy management. As the Policy Manager you want to ensure each person has reviewed the policy manual. The ability to have records to show when each person reviewed the policy and if there are test records will help to provide proof that they have reviewed and understood the policy manual. A sign off record is an even better step in providing proof of delivery.

Lower Cost Policy Management, is the number one reason to get your Policy Manual Online. When you convert from a paper based process there is a sizable savings in paper, handling, filing and storage. In some cases having a policy manual that is online makes it easier to access and can increase the usage of the policy documents.

Want to get your Policy Manual Online? That is what we do. From getting you an online policy manual to getting it reviewed by all of your staff we know policy management! Call us, email or use the convenient Live Chat when available. We want to talk to you.

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