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These Client success stories will help you get a sense of how PolicyMagic can be used as a policy management system, for procedure training, and as a policy compliance tracking system to monitor and manage employee policy reviews and policy sign offs for compliance tracking.

Multi-location construction company New Employee Policy Reviews: when a policy manager has multiple locations, it creates an added challenge to ensure that everyone in the organization is working from the same version of the policy. It is difficult to get everyone together for a consistent delivery of the policy materials. PolicyMagic allows this Client to load one version of this policy. Each location has one or more administrators who can login, add new employees, and send an email to the employee with their login. The Policy Manager has control of the policy materials, and overall control. Each location administrator has control over their employees to make sure their employees complete their policy review training and sign off on their policy acceptance.

Global IT company High Volume Code of Conduct Training: this is a great example of taking the challenges of a multi-location policy management to the extreme. This Client has over 8,000 employees around the world. All employees must do a Code of Conduct training once a year. And they need to have policy compliance within s few weeks. Their online code of conduct policy includes text, images, PDF files and video clips to support the policy and procedure training. PolicyMagic gives this client the technology to complete this high volume policy training within 3 to 4 weeks making it as effective as when they were doing many local policy review sessions. It is also extremely efficient lowering their cost per person to a fraction of what it was for the in-person policy training sessions.

80 Employee Cleaning Company New Employee Orientation Training: this client has employees located all across the country and face to face policy training sessions are not realistic. They are also expanding and steadily hiring new employees. Their goal was to have a policy compliance tracking system that allowed their human resource manager to be sure that every new hire had completed a policy review of the new hire policies with their first week. PolicyMagic lets them create a bundle of several policies each employee must review, and in some cases pass a test to demonstrate they have reviewed and understand that policy. The HR Manager can add new employees in seconds and monitor their progress as they complete each policy review.

90 Employee Manufacturer Procedure Training (SOP Training): this company has a lot of procedures. In fact, they have more procedures than they do people. These procedures are all related to their Quality Control policy. Each task in their manufacturing processes that a human is involved in has a written procedure. These procedures are kept up to date as there are changes to processes and equipment. All new employees can review the standard operating procedure (SOP) for the tasks they are assigned and know how to do that task. This Client’s main requirements were a procedure training system that was simple to use and especially simple to handle the frequent updates to the procedure training material. PolicyMagic allows their team of policy administrators to quickly change out an old procedure PDF with a new version. If all affected employees need to review the new document again a single click in the procedure training system sends a notification to these employees.

We are very proud of the success stories. They show how focused we are on giving Clients what they want. Our core value is responsiveness. When Clients tell us what they need we respond.

Tell us what you need, we look forward to hearing from you.

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