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We are featuring a brief comment from one of our long term clients who uses the PolicyMagic system to allow their employees to review their company manual.. more to come!


"When our management team needed a solution for ensuring employee compliance with the company policies and procedures, I started researching for possible solutions.  We needed a centralized, measurable, and cost-effective solution.  Seeing that our company is in the service industry, I also wanted a solution that would give us the same level of customer support that we give to our own customers.   I found that there were many companies that claimed that they could accommodate our needs but I quickly found that the majority were making false promises.  

Then I found Policy Magic.  Policy Magic provides us with a centralized location for all of our policy and procedure documents.  With Policy Magic, we can easily push out new policies and amendments with a simple click of a mouse.  We now have the ability to track employee progress and acceptance in real-time.  This is a true time saver, and time is money.  But the highlight of transitioning all of our Policies over to Policy Magic is the stellar customer support.  Their training and guidance had us up and running quickly with Policy Magic’s simple, yet, feature rich interface.  This is one of the best HR decisions that we have made!!!”


Kelly Edwards - IT Director

  Waldrop Inc.
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