Success stories

These client success stories will help you get a sense of how PolicyMagic can be used as a policy management system, for procedure training, and as a policy compliance tracking system to monitor and manage employee policy reviews and policy sign-offs.

Success story #1

Construction Policy SuccessChallenge

A construction company with multiple locations was having difficulty bringing everyone together to consistently deliver policies to new hires.


PolicyMagic allowed the company to ensure everyone was working with the same version of the policy. In addition, each location was able to designate a person with admin access to login, add new employees from their location and overview the policy compliance process. The policy manager still has overall control over the online policies and online policy repository and can update them as needed.


Success story #2

IT Policy SuccessChallenge

A global IT company with more than 8,000 employees located around the world needed an efficient way to conduct an annual review of its code of conduct once a year.


Instead of hosting multiple, local in-person review sessions, the company used PolicyMagic to create an online code of conduct policy. Their policy featured text, images and video files. Using the PolicyMagic system their timeline was much quicker (3-4 weeks instead of much longer) and saved them money with a significantly lower cost per person to review the code of conduct annually. 


Success story #3

Cleaning Policy SuccessChallenge

A steadily expanding cleaning company with 80 employees located across the country knew face-to-face policy review was an unrealistic solution to ensure new hires read and agreed to their policies within their first week.


PolicyMagic helped the company create a bundle of policies for new employees to review. A knowledge quiz within the policy management system helped employees demonstrate they have reviewed and understand the policies. Now, the HR Manager can add new employees in seconds and monitor their progress as they complete each policy review.


Success story #4

Manufacturing Policy SuccessChallenge

A manufacturing company has a lot of standard operating procedures. In fact, they have more procedures than people! They needed to keep these frequently changing procedures updated and maintain a master list of all policies for records. Additionally, they want to be able to only assign relevant policies for review.


PolicyMagic allowed the company to create policies for each of its standard operating procedures. They can update them whenever they need and assign employees to review only the procedures relevant to their job. If an employee is reassigned, a simple click assigns them the new, relevant procedures ready to be sent out and reviewed as necessary.

We are very proud of the success stories as they demonstrate just how flexible the PolicyMagic system is in giving clients what they need and want. 

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