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Policy and Procedure Managers

Get control of your policy management process, including policy & procedure training and sign off.

It’s 2020 and we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. Risk management is on the top of people’s minds on a business level, and on a personal level. Policies and procedures are a great tool for managing risk, and we expect you already know this.

How can we help you?

Check all that apply:

If you checked any of these boxes we can help. We are experts in policy and procedure management systems that can help you solve any of the above. Call or send us an email now to find out more.

This is why Policy Managers Choose PolicyMagic.

Control the System: You get control of the online policy management and policy revision process. There is one central version of your policy materials. No more concerns about where the latest version of a policy is. All policies are online accessible anytime to your Admin users.

Control Access: Controlled policy access means each employee gets a login to review the policies that apply to them controlling who has access to your policies. You can now monitor their progress, send reminders and the system works for you.    

Knowledge Testing: Once your  employees review your policy the testing option lets you show what they know. Online policy education and procedure training is the most efficient way to educate and train employees. You can even test them to prove it.

Proof & Compliance: With paper policies, after they read the policy. With the built-in policy attestation, you get notified as each person completes the policy review including their digital signature, “I reviewed, I understand, I will adhere to”.

World Class Service: World Class Service is our Prime Directive. We exist to provide World Class Service. We exist because we provide World Class Service. There will always be a market for people at the World Class level. This is the Policy Intent statement from our company’s Customer Service Policy.

24/7 Support: You and your employees get full service and support, we take pride in having very low number of support incidents and an overall service rating of 4.7 out of 5. You get responsive technology, there when you need it and accessible on most devices. Our focus is on you, and how can we help.

How does PolicyMagic work?

  1. You send us your policy materials in an electronic format.
  2. We put your materials into an online policy management account
  3. Your Admin account lets you control the policy management and review process

This is an automated policy management service that puts you in control of your policy review, compliance or accreditation process.

As each person completes the policy review training you get an email with their proof of delivery including their merged signature (optional). Think how easy it will be to manage your policy review or policy training. A quick check in the system shows you the stats of who has signed off and who needs a follow up. Policy Compliance made simple.

What now:

PolicyMagic is a policy management service of SafeAndCertified.com Inc., a leading provider in the delivery of online training, online testing, and online certification tools. 

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