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Enjoy paperless policy management: put your policy and procedures online with a free basic online policy setup.

Every business has policies and procedures. It is hard to imagine a business that does not have them. The Policy Magic system is a Policy Manager's best friend. You spend a lot of time and money creating your policy documents and writing out your standard operating procedures or code of conduct. Now you need a system to allow your employees to review policies and procedures, and online policy management is the way to go! 

There are Privacy Policy, Confidentiality Policy, Professional Conduct Policy, Harassment Prevention Policy, Cell Phone Policy, Safe Driving Policy, Working Alone or in Isolation Policy and many more policies. You get the picture, with HR policies, safety policies and risk management policies the process of making sure everyone who is affected by a policy has reviewed, understood and signed off with their acceptance – is a huge task!

Our year end tradition is to offer to do a new basic policy setup for free. Contact us before Dec 31 2019.

Yes that's right. You can send us the policy or procedures you want you employees (or volunteers for non profits) in a Word doc or PDF, as PowerPoint slides, or as video files and we put them in an online account for you. Then your employees can login to do the policy review online. It can even include testing and a sign off at the end.

How does Policy Magic work?

  1. Your policy gets added to your account, as text, PDF, audio or video.
  2. The System sends notifications to the employees to login and review your policy.
  3. Employees sign off to indicate their acceptance and you get notified as each one completes the process.

This is an automated policy management service that puts yout in control of your policy review, compliance or accreditation process.

As each person completes the policy review training you get an email with their proof of delivery including their merged signature (optional). Think how easy it will be to manage your policy review or policy training.. A quick check in the system shows you the stats of who has signed off and who needs a follow up. Compliance made simple.

Want to get started – or just get more info?  Send us an email with your contact info and we can talk about what you have for policies and procedures.

PolicyMagic is a service of SafeAndCertified.com Inc., a leading provider in the delivery of online training, testing, and online certification tools. 

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