Online Policy Review and Procedure Training

Policy management can be overwhelming, but doing policy and procedure training online simplifies so many of the issues you may be facing.

Are there are too many policies to keep track of? Is the number of policies your organization uses increasing? They can really start to add up, most businesses have policies for compliance, safety and health, HR, and risk management policies. There are also all of your standard operating procedures, these ensure your processes are followed and increase the quality production and performance.

Our ability to manage our policies effectively is a major opportunity for most businesses. An online system for policy review and procedure training has 3 key benefits.

  1. It has the lowest delivery cost. It is even lower than the cost of printing polices, handing them out for review and sign off and filing the completed policy documents. Many people underestimate the inefficiencies from this method and how it ends up costing them more.
  2. It yields the fastest total time to get the job done because each person is able to complete the review and sign off at their own pace. In a group situation, the group is forced to move at the pace of the slowest individual in the group. Doing things individually ends up saving everyone time.
  3. It is the most effective use of the Policy Manager’s time. The system does so much for you, it sends out the notifications, monitors the logins, can send out reminders and renewals. It also monitors and alerts the Policy Manager when each person completes the required policy review and procedure training.


What do you want from your policy management?

We have the tools to give you a policy management solution that fits your needs:

  1. Start with your Materials - getting your policy and procedure materials online means you need all your materials in an electronic format. This might mean transferring paper copies to PowerPoint, Word document, or PDF. You could also make personal presentations that are recorded or narrated. As long as it is digital it can be loaded into the online policy management system.
  2. Do you want a knowledge test – using a test can be a good way to measure and confirm employees know and understand your policies. Employees also like a testing option as it allows them to gage their knowledge and builds confidence. If you want a testing option, you can create a set of test questions that the system can use.
  3. Do you need a sign off – using a sign off can provide a more formal “proof of delivery”. When people sign off it creates a stronger sense of duty to comply with the policy and procedures.
  4. Give Access to Your Employees – How will they get access to your course? Are they going to sign up and purchase it online? How do you control who gets access? Once you have the materials and testing in place you are ready for controlled access delivery. This online management system gives you the tracking control to know when each person is accessing the materials for review and testing. Controlled access means your policies and procedures are not sitting on your web site for anyone to see. It gives you better tracking, monitoring, and greater security.


Want to get started training your policies and procedures online, start here and start now

We provide full service and full support. We can assist you however you need, whatever it takes to get your policy and procedures set up online. Once you are set up, we will still be there if any person needs help. We don’t get a lot of support calls but when we do it’s nice to know you can still get the personal service.

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