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The Policy Builder Checklist Shows What's Possible

Policy Manuals have been around for a long time. And if you asked someone to describe a policy manual most people would refer to a physical manual in a binder.

This has changed as we shift from paper to electronic to save costs and be easier to maintain and manage.

That one change from a binder and printed pages to an electronic format, can save your organization hundreds to thousands of dollars every year.

How Do I Get from a Binder to Online?

This is one of the questions we get when someone has made the decision to move to an online policy review process. When you have never done something it is difficult to know what is possible, what is realistic, and what others have done. Down below is a checklist of a policy builder.

Online Policy Builder Checklist:

  • Text-copy and paste your text from Word.
  • PDF-convert your Word to a PDF.
  • Images-include JPGs in your materials.
  • Audio-add narrations to your text as MP3.
  • Video-add video clips to support your materials.
  • Links-add links to other sites or references.
  • Testing-include quiz or test questions.
  • Tracking-login as an Admin user to monitor and manage.

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