I am just starting to look for an online policy management system.

What are the important questions I shoud be asking you?

Online policy management is reasonably new. Most companies still manage their policies in the traditional way, with a paper based system. There are still lots of policy manuals in a binder on an shelf. Some Policy Managers use a combination of electronic materials and provide their policies in Word or a PDF for employees to review. Or they present the policy materials in PowerPoint in group sessions.

The most important question to ask early on is: Why would we change from what we are doing now?

Is what we are doing now NOT working?

Is what we are doing now really inefficient or costing a lot?

Is what we are doing now providing the compliance level we need?

Is there a better process we are not aware of?

Whether our Policy Magic system is right for you. And even if you decide to stay with what you are doing. 

We can promise that talking to us will help you to understand what an online policy panagement system has to offer. And you will understand your situation and options better simply by talking and sharing ideas.

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