Only Employees Get Controlled Policy Access for More Private Policy Reviews

Your policies and procedures are private, they may include competitive advantages and they take a lot of time to create and maintain. If you email your policies to your employyes to review, or if you are using a shared docs tool to get employees to review your policies you may be oversharing.

How can we get our employees to review policies and restrict access to everyone else?

One of the simplest ways businesses get employees to review their policies is to print a copy of the policy, hand it to the employee, get them to read it and sign off that they agree to follow it. And this may be the best way to get your policies reviewed and an acceptance sign off.

That is until the number of employees increases past the point where this is the most effective and efficient policy review process. When you get to 100 people the cost of the paper starts adding up. It also take forever to get to 100% acceptance by all your employees, and worst of all it takes so much of your time to distribute, collect and file all the paperwork.

This leads to online policy management as a better option when you have more people, more policies and are looking for a more cost efficient policy management option. The two main methods are to push a copy of an electronic policy document out to employees; or to have a central copy of your policy materials and pull everyone to a centralized policy repository or access point.

The secret to having controlled access is the "Access Code". When you want an employee to be able to review your policy manual you create an Access Code which is specific to that employee. It allows them to login and view the policy materials. And you can create and send out Access Codes with one click, whether you have 5 people, 50 people or 500 people.

Your Admin login puts you in control. You can monitor and manage each person's progress, receive notifications as each person completes the policy review, and sends out mass reminders to everyone who is not done.

Your materials are stored online and easy to update and maintain. Use the Policy Builder tool to edit your policy content, replace a video, add a PDF. It's a great way to provide version control for your materials and make sure employees are able to review or renew the latest version of your policies.

With so much out of our control, it's nice to know all of this can be within your control!



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