Online Policy Acceptances and The One Day Challenge

What if we told you we could have a policy set up in one day - 24 hours? We did just that. It started as a challenge within our design team when we were creating a better way to manage policies online.

We asked ourself a question: "When we have created the ideal system, what will its greatest benefit be?"

The answer was unanimous, when we have something that is so simple that someone without any special training or tools could take their policy documents or materials and get them into the online system - in one day.

The challenge was to build an online policy manager that would allow you to get your policy materials uploaded to an online policy management system - within your own account - giving you the ability to provide controlled access to your employees.

And we did it! The materials were converted to online pages. We added in some test questions to test comprehension of policy materials. We also set up the online sign off and digital signature feature that sends a proof of delivery message each time someone completes the policy review. The policy training was totally functional, polished and capable of monitoring employee progress. Proof of delivery was easily provided and stored in the system after sign off or testing. All done in one day.

If you’ve been thinking of doing policy management online, we are people who know what it takes to make online policy training and review simple.




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