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Where Does Full Service Start and End?

It starts when you send us your policy materials. There is no end to our full service!

Since we don't write your policy for you, we can still assist you, you provide your policy materials to us. And Full Service means we work with what you have. Some people have brought us a binder, PDFs. Some people give us a mix of PowerPoint slides, they want to include audio narrations with, and have video clips as part of it all.

It really starts with the decision that you want something better than what you have. Only you can make that decision and once you do our team makes the commitment to put together all the pieces to deliver you the complete solution.

Your main task is to get your policy materials to us. We look after the rest of the details. It makes for a smooth process.

You can be confident in our competence. When you talk with us you will notice this in the questions we ask. When you have a deep understanding of what you are doing you know the right questions to ask. We have eight (8) years experience working with Clients building our reputation one promise at a time.

What about support for my employees, or for me? When we say full support we mean it. This includes support for your employees as they go through the policy review and training online. We look after any technical support calls or email. This is included in your Full Service Package.

And for you or other people you have as Administrators for your account they can also call email for service and support. 

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