What does a full-service online policy management system offer?

Once you’ve made the decision to switch to online policy management, we’re ready to help with whatever you need. When we say “full support” we mean it! We’re with you every step during setup and the ongoing policy management process.

What’s included?

Policy setup

Provide us with your policies and we can set them up. We’ll work with what you have, whether that’s a Word document, PowerPoint presentation, PDFs, audio narrations, or video clips. We’ve even transformed a binder full of printouts into an online policy in the past. Don’t worry, as an admin user you can still edit your policies at any time. Just login and use the Policy Builder tool to edit content, replace a video or add a document.

Support admin users

Your admin users are the powerhouse of PolicyMagic system and we’re here to support them. When you log in to your secure admin account, you can assign employees policies to review, monitor employee progress, and send reminders to those who haven’t signed off on a policy. We’re available to assist you with any challenges you encounter.

Employee assistance

As your employees go through the policy review process, we’re here to help them. Whether it’s a simple challenge like a lost password or a more complex request, our team is available to help.

What’s not included?

The list of what we don’t do is short: we don’t write your policies for you. You know your business best and what goals you want your policies to achieve. Once you’ve finalized the content of your policies, we’re ready to help.

How to reach the PolicyMagic team

If you have a support request, you can call our team at 1-877-425-5820 or email us at info@policymagic.com. We’ll respond within one business day.

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