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Are Your People Trained or Untrained?

What proof do you have of that training? Do you have any record of delivery?

When you have compliance requirements or when you have health and safety regulations you have to follow, you may need more than just saying your training is up to date. One client has an accreditation they need to maintain. They are required to show a compliance report that lists all employees and the required training for each person. This is backed up by the training and testing records for each employee that can be accessed from the Admin Module.

When they are Untrained, it shows and people know

Even if you don't have a compliance requirement for your policy training there is still a huge cost to NOT having your people trained. When people are trained they have a higher confidence level which people instantly recognize and respect. When people are trained they are more knowledgeable with customers and suppliers. This leads to a consistently high level of performance and productivity.

The tracking makes it so simple to see who completed what training when. And since most training needs to be repeated or renewed there is a built in renewal button that lets be sent a batch of people an email from the system with their renewal info and login.

"Given the choice I would always choose to work with someone who is trained."

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