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Basic Policy Management Setup

The Basic level setup for Policy Magic starts with the ability to quickly add a new policy using the built in "Policy Builder" tool to convert your policy materials from Word, PDF, PowerPoint into a set of online pages in your account, which we do for you.

These are some of the factors that make the Basic Package a good fit:

  • lower number of employees, typically under 500 and as low as 25
  • lower number of policies, often one Employee Handbook, Employee Manual, less than 10 policies
  • basic administration needs, adding new hires, removing employees no longer employed, monitoring progress and ensuring compliance

The number of people or employees affects the usage rate and this level works for some clients with as few as 25 people and some have as many as 500. It works best when these employees are all in one location. When you get employees in multiple locations you may have different policies based on their location which is an option that can be added or the Advannced Package may be a better fit.

The system can have unlimited policies at all levels. When you only have one or two policies it means a quick turn around time on getting your materials and having your policies added to your account. This affects the setup rate and time it takes to be ready for live use. Basic setups are often completed within a few days from having the account setup and receiving the materials from the Client.

The system includes an Admin module and at the Basic level you have the ability to add a new employee or remove employees as they leave to manage your employee list. Scheduling a policy review is as simple as selecting the policy, selecting the employees who need to review it from your list, and clicking a button to create each person's unique login and email a notification to the employee.

For many Clients the Basic Package has everything they need to store their policies online giving them one master version for their employees to review. Unless their situation changes there is no need to switch to the Advanced or Precise Fit packages.

Contact us for more information on choosing the right package for you.

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