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Advanced Policy Management Setup

Tools For a More Automated Policy Management Process

When you have more polices, more people in multiple locations, with more stakeholders, policy management can get complicated and hard to manage.

The Advanced Package includes policy management options designed to provide more control of each aspect of the policy management process and simplify the policy manager's job.

These are some of the factors that make the Advanced Package a good fit:

  • more employees, typically over 1000 and as few as 100, there is no limit on the number of employees
  • more policies, with more frequent or ongoing policy revisions and updates
  • more administration needs, separate Admin users for each department or location, direct control of the policy editing and version control for each policy

There is no limit to the number of people (employees) in an account. And they do not have to be employees. Some Clients use the system for many stakeholders including Board Members, contractors, suppliers and their customers. Options at this level include the ability to track multiple departments, stakeholder groups, locations.

There are many approaches to policy management when it comes to the number of policies, the all in one policy manual, or separate policy material and policy review for each policy. The Advanced setup is designed to allow for many policies. Again there is no limit to the number of policies you can have in your account.

The impact of having a lot of policies is that there may be multiple people who are the policy owners each needing to maintain their policy materials. And some policies are reviewed once and some are reviewed each quarter so scheduling the process for the policy owners to review the materials becomes a challenge (without a system that does it for you).

This combination of more employees, more policies and more Administrative capabilities are what makes the Advanced package a better fit than the Basic package in some situations. It still provides for a fast setup as many of the options can be enabled or turned on or off as these requirements are handled through configurations instead of customizations. The Precise Fit package is available for situations where customizations are needed to get the the system to match your process and requirements.

Let us know if you have any questions about which package is right for you.

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