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Make The Decision Risk-Free With a 30-Day Guarantee

We know the questions to ask prospective clients, so if the PolicyMagic system is not the best fit for you, we will let you know before proceeding any further. If you decide to go ahead and are still not satisfied, we offer a 30-day guarantee on the usage of the PolicyMagic system.

What does the guarantee cover?

The 30-day guarantee applies to your Usage Rate and does not apply to the Setup Rate for the account setup and policy materials setup.

What is the Setup Rate?

Once we begin the account setup and add your policy materials to the PolicyMagic system, you will be invoiced at the agreed-upon Setup Rate. Once setup is complete, your policy management system is ready for use! The Setup Rate is non-refundable and not covered by the 30-day guarantee.

What is the Usage Rate?

The Usage Rate is your ongoing cost of using the system, which is based on the number of people using the system and the number of policies. The Usage Rate is covered by the 30-day guarantee.

How do I claim the 30-day guarantee and cancel?

If you are not satisfied with how PolicyMagic is working for you, we ask that you contact us first. Your policy management packages include full service and support, so we will work with you to see how we can resolve any issues you have. If the issue is unable to be resolved to your satisfaction, please let us know that you would like to cancel your account.

If you cancel within 30 days from the day your account is set up for live use, you will not be invoiced for the Usage Rate. Or, if you have already paid the Usage Rate, this amount will be refunded. 

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