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Make The Decision Risk Free With a 30 Day Guarantee

We offer a 30 day Guarantee on the usage of the PolicyMagic system.

We know the questions to ask and if the PolicyMagic system is not the best fit we let prospective clients know. When we provide an estimate there is one Setup Rate for the account setup, configuration and materials setup. And there is a second rate which is the Usage Rate for the system, typically per person or number of policies rate.

Once they decide the service is right for them we complete the account setup and add their policy materials to the system. The client is invoiced at the agreed upon Setup Rate and they are ready for live use.

If they decide they want to cancel within 30 days from the live use date they will not be invoiced for the Usage Rate or if they have been invoiced and paid for the Usage Rate, this amount will be refunded. 

The Guarantee applies to the usage rate and does not apply to the account setup and policy materials setup amount.

Since our Usage Rates include full service and support for their employees and Admin users we know we can resolve any issues to deliver what was promised. It's still nice to know that if the system isn't a fit for what they needed that they can rely on the 30 day Guarantee.

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