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Compliance Training, How is It Different?

Let's start with a definition of Compliance Policy Training. The Compliance aspect means that we have to comply with something or someone else's requirements. For example in many provinces and states, a person who serves alcohol in a licensed establishment has to complete a training course to be able to work as a server or bartender. If you haven't completed the training and have a certificate of card, you can't work in that job.

Some professions such as financial services and education can be heavily regulated requiring multiple certifications to work in those fields. There are also types of training that a business may want to do on its own and is also required for some level of compliance. Harassment Prevention is an example of that as many jurisdictions require businesses to have a harassment prevention policy and train their workers on the policy.

The two key differences with Compliance training are:

  1. The Need to Show Competence: materials and information. The materials could be in a paper format, workbook or binder. Or you may have them in an electronic format such as, PowerPoint, Word doc, or PDF. Or maybe you make personal presentations that you record. The first step is assembling the training material, organizing it into manageable portions and getting it into an electronic format, ready to load.
  2. The Need to Show Proof of Completion: prepare a set of test questions, ideally a pool of questions to create random tests.

Can you manage Compliance Training Online?

The simple answer is yes. There are two ways of looking at that question. One is from the perspective of the organization that is providing and administering the compliance policy training. To continue on the example used of people who are working serving alcohol. We work with an organization whose mandate it is to provide that training to workers in the food and beverage and hospitality sector.

We work with them to get their training materials online, setup a web site to provide information on the training program. And set up the signup registration process to allow anyone who needs to take that course to purchase an "Access Code", allowing them to view the materials and complete the testing.

We provided a complete solution from the web site and signup to the system for one online course delivery. It includes an Administrative access module which allows training coordinators to monitor the course participant's progress, print and send certificates of completion and other training monitoring and management tasks.

As an employer you may be looking to manage your compliance training for things like harassment prevention and need the ability to load your own harassment policy into an online system for you to provide controlled access to your employees and have the ability to show proof of delivery for the training and testing.

Both options can be done online, they are just looking at it from different perspectives and in the first case more interested in marketing the training and making it accessible; and in the second case providing that training to employees as an employer's responsibility to meet their compliance requirements.

This sounds like a lot of work?

That is OK, we get that question a lot. So much so that we took a challenge to prove that we could set up a compliance training course in one day and be training and testing employees at the end of the day.

For the test we used "Harassment Prevention" also known as a "Respectful Workplace" policy and training program. We used a basic 14 page harassment prevention policy document in a Word format as our starting point.

This is what we did to get the training course setup in one day:

  1. Created an account in TrainingToDo.com
  2. Created a course
  3. Copied and pasted text from Word into online Pages for the course
  4. Added three questions for a test
  5. Proofed and spell checked the materials
  6. Logged in as an Admin user, created and emailed a test Access Code to a co-worker to test
  7. Co-worker logged in, viewed the materials, completed the test, signed off online
  8. We received a copy of a signed certificate of completion emailed to the Administrator
  9. Done in one business day!

Want to get started, start here and start now!

You may have been thinking of getting moving online for some time. We are "People Who Know", people who know what it takes to get a course setup online, and people who know how to deliver training online. When you are ready give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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