Compliance Training, How is It Different?

Let's start with a definition of Compliance Policy Training:

Compliance training is training that is done to educate employees on the law and train them to follow company policies that reflect regulations.

For example in many provinces and states, a person who serves alcohol in a licensed establishment has to complete a training course to be able to work as a server or bartender. If you haven't completed the training and don’t have a certificate or card, you can't work in that job. This is a form of regulatory compliance because the form of compliance directly relates to local laws or international laws that revolve around the services or products that the business provides.

When it comes to regulatory compliance, some professions such as financial services or education can be heavily regulated. These professions can require multiple certifications to work in those fields.

Other policies and procedures might fall into categories like HR Compliance, Data Compliance, and Health and Safety Compliance. These have less to do with being in compliance of regulations that allow the business to provide their product or service and more to do with being in compliance with regulations that allow the business to operate lawfully. This could mean having harassment prevention policies to maintain a safe work environment or a security policy to protect data.

When it comes to Compliance Training the main things that need to be shown are:

  1. The Need to Show Competence: This means having the actual materials and information regarding the compliance policy. The materials could be in any format, paper, workbook, binder, PowerPoint, Word doc, or PDF. They could also have audio or video components.
  2. The Need to Show Proof of Completion: This typically means mean a sign off but it could also include a test of the compliance policy materials to ensure completion and retention.

Can you manage Compliance Training Online?


Regardless of your perspective, either as a policy manager, an organization, or an employer, getting compliance training done online can be easier and more cost effective.

Online compliance training can be used to show competence with its flexible system that can show your materials in almost any digital format. It also has built in features to show proof of completion with a monitoring system that allows you to make sure training gets done. Using built in test features, sign off features and more can also further prove your employees are trained and understand the policy materials.

This sounds like a lot of work?

That is OK, we get this concern a lot. So much so that we took it as a challenge to prove that we could set up a compliance training course in one day and be training and testing employees at the end of the day.

To test if it was possible we used a "Harassment Prevention Policy" also known as a "Respectful Workplace Policy”. It was in a basic 14 page harassment prevention policy in a Word document format as our starting point.

This is what we did to get the training course setup in one day:

  1. Created an account on with PolicyMagic
  2. Clicked to create a course
  3. Copied and pasted text from Word into the online pages of the course
  4. Added three questions for a simple test at the end
  5. Proofed and spell checked the materials
  6. Logged in as an Admin user, created and emailed a test Access Code to a co-worker for testing
  7. Co-worker logged in, viewed the materials, completed the test, signed off online
  8. We then received a copy of a signed certificate of completion by email
  9. Done in one business day!

Want to get started, start here and start now!

If you have been considering online compliance training to save time and money we have the tools to make it happen. It is what we do here so when you are ready, give us a call, send us an email, or use the online chat feature to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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