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Enjoy your first policy setup for free - an approximate $480 savings! Until December 31, 2019

Yes that's right a free setup, all you pay for is the usage based on the number of people and size of your policy. Our very first policy management client was a result of our free policy promotion and they are still a client today. They have almost 10,000 employees worldwide showing that this system works very well for companies of all sizes.

We have clients with as few as 25 employees and one company policy manual and we have clients with thousands of employees and a couple policies, And somewhere in the middle we have a client with 350 employees and over 40 policies.

Per person Rates are the simplest rate option and work well where there is low volumes and especially where there is a variance in usage from month to month.

High Volume Rates are available when you have a lot of people or a lot of policies. They are typically set for a 12 month term with minimum and maximum usage levels and a fixed monthly rate.

Bundled Rates are available when you have a lot of policies and want to stack or bundle policies together for one rate.

Private Label or Branded Rates are available when you have very high volumes or want exclusive usage of the system with your own branding and options like importing and refreshing of your employee list.

Service and Support Included. As our Clients have come to appreciate Service and Support come with your account package. We have an extremely low support rate because of our internal innovation program aimed at reducing customer frustrations and driving simplicity in all of our systems.

People often Start and End on this page. Some people Start here to make sure a solution is in their budget before the look too closely at it. And other people End here once they have all their questions answered and know this solution is a good fit for them.

Remember the free online policy setup is only available until December 31, 2019 so get yours today.

When you are ready, click on the Express Rate Quote to find your Rate.

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