Policy Manager Packages

If you are looking for a way to manage your policies or your policy review process online you are in the right place. Consider the following three packages to decide which one is best fit for your situation, and know that we are flexible and can work with your requirements to get a Precise Fit.

Basic Policy Management

This package is based on simple requirements, it is best suited to  low volumes of policies and people. A great example is a business with under 50 people. They may not have full time Policy Manager so the HR Manager, Controller, or CEO may be responsible for policy management. They have established a number of policies over the years. Policies may be all in one Word doc that is referred to as their Corporate Handbook. Until now they have perhaps printed the 80 page handbook and had each person review it and sign a hard copy that they agree to follow the policies in the Handbook.

If this sounds like your situation click here for more information on the Basic Policy Management System

Advanced Policy Management

This package is designed for situations that are more complicated. This package may best fit if you have one specific person responsible for policy management in your organization. For example, you might be a health care facility with around 320 employees in different locations. Someone at each location needs to be able to schedule the policy review for their new hire orientation and for existing employees policy renewals. You have around 26 active policies that need to be updated on a regular basis. You may also need to be able to demonstrate that 100% of your employees have reviewed your handbook for your Compliance Report each quarter.

If this sounds like your situation click here for more information on the Advanced Policy Management System

Precise Fit Policy Management

This package is designed for people who know exactly what makes their policy management process work for them. This is often less driven by how many people you have or how many policies you have, and is more driven by rules and requirements around the policy creation, policy review and the policy management process. For example, you may be a Policy Manager with a University. This is a large organization with thousands of potential stakeholders and hundreds of policies to be managed. Some policies must be reviewed every 3 months and make sense to be managed in an automated system. Some policies are one time and may be best handled in another way. Just keeping track of all the policies and having one master version of each is a challenge.

If this sounds like your situation click here for more information on the Precise Fit Policy Management System

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