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What would make an Employee want to review your policies?

As a Policy Manager we have two equally important and difficult tasks. We have to get all of our policy materials in a format for our employees to review and keep them up to date. Let's asssume we have our policies all approved in an electronic format.. Next we need to get each employee to review each policy, and sign off or agree to follow the policy.

Three Tips to getting employees to want to review your policies.

Start with "Why"

Every policy we have has a reason for being and a purpose. When we can communicate the intent behind the policy people will understand "Why we need that policy" and it becomes much easier to get them to see the benefit to everyone in the organization. It is natural for some people to push back or rebel against what they don't understand or misunderstand. Be clear about why you have the policies you have.

Give Them Some Control

When you let employees review policies online in a way that gives them access to read the material and view documents or forms, they have control of when and how they do this. Convenience is a big benefit to a busy employee. The buy in to an online self paced review is much greater than being told to show up on a designated day to complete the review and sign off as part of a group.

Give it More Respect

Monitor and measure people's progress. Make sure they know how seriously this is taken by the company and whether it is an HR policy, risk management policy or compliance policy, making sure that every employee is aware of, understands and agrees to follow your policies is a BIg Deal. When someone doesn't know or accept your policies it puts the organization and everyone in it at risk.

What gets measured gets done. Use a system for policy management or policy review tracking like Policy Magic. When people know you are monitoring they will want to get your policy review completed.

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