Show Me Who Reviewed Your Policy Manual

When it comes to compliance or an accreditation you may need to do more than say your employees are all arare of your policy manual. You may need to be able to prove to an inspector or auditor that each employee has reviewed your policies and there is some way you have documented the review process and an indication from each employee that they accept the policy or agree to follow and implement the policy.

Standard Options to show me an employee reviewed your policy manual start with tracking first login and an acceptance waiver the employee has to check to indicate they agree to review and comply with your policies. Each login after that is tracked. Tests can be used to show understanding and knowledge of the policy content. And the sign off is a further acknowledgement of their completion and acceptance of the policy.

Custom Options are a way to go above what may be standard. This could be a higher level of testing, more frequent renewals, or a customized signoff and acceptance part of the process. This is an important option for you if you have any higher level requirements you need to meet for compliance or accreditation. We recently did a signoff for a payroll policy that is a really interesting example of what can be done, and was not difficult to time consuming to do.

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