Full Service for Policy Managers

Don’t know where to start? The hardest part of most change is getting started. Full service with PolicyMagic starts when you decide to manage your policies online. We do the first policy setup to help you get started, then we work together to show you how we did it so you will be able to make changes, revise and update your online policy content. By showing you the ropes, you learn the tools to have the flexibility of adding, removing, changing and adapting your policies in the future. This service allows you to then choose if you want to add the rest of your policies on your own of have us add them for you.

For example one client has 42 separate polices they want to manage online. They don’t know anything about how to setup a policy in an online policy system. We added the first two for them, then we helped a little on the next two. The client then decided they wanted to add the rest on their own after getting to know the system and have been keeping them up to date on their own for the past two years.

From Start to Finish and Especially At The Start

You can count on us when you are getting your policy materials into the online system. What about when you start using this with your employees? The answer is yes we will be there to assist you throughout your policy management!

For example, when you start to use this program with your employees you need to add your employees to the system. If you have a few employees this could be as simple as typing in their name, an email address and their department. However, for a client that has about 7500 employees in many locations worldwide that may not be feasible, in this case, you can provide a list of employees in a spreadsheet and we can import it for you. We also create the access codes and send them out for you making the entire process easy.

What you may see as a challenge, we see as a chance to be of service.



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