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Get 100% Accountability - Without Threats and Bribes

What's one Policy that is a MUST HAVE? Confidentiality? Privacy? Safety Policy? Risk Management? ISO? Professional Conduct? Non-Harassment? Customer Service?

It would be difficult to pick just one policy. The fact is most organizations have many written policies. And that creates a challenge to get employees to be accountable to follow the policy.

Ideally we want 100% accountability - every employee reviews and signs off that they will follow every policy.

Now you can get 100% Accountability and you don't have to threaten employees with discipline or offer those rewards or inducements. A new service called "PolicyMagic" lets you do all this online and has three key benefits:

  • First, it makes it easy for you to create a single central version of your policy online - it's easy to set up and easy to modify.
  • Second, it makes it easy to give everyone access to review the latest policy - with controlled access limited to just authorized viewers.
  • Third, it makes it easy to monitor each time someone views the policy, track their answers to test questions on the policy - and "what gets measured gets done".

The combination of these three benefits means you won't be shuffling a lot of paper and resending copies of policies for the people who "misplace their copy".

You take away all the reasons not to do something and make it more convenient for your employees - and combine that with having employees know that you can monitor actions in the review process - or lack of actions - and you have a formula for 100% Accountability.

This process is so smooth we called it PolicyMagic. Find out what it can do for you. Email us a sample of one of your Policies as a PDF and let us know if you have any supporting documents or video. We can give you a quote on setting this up in PolicyMagic. PolicyMagic is a service of SafeAndCertified.com and can also be combined with online training and testing options.

Contact us to discuss your policy and procedures management needs.

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