In The End I Need Employees to Sign-off On Our Policy Manual

That is really the end result I need, for them to complete a signoff that they reviewed our policy manual. It includes the steps before that. We can't assume they reviewed the policy and understand the policy. We need to be able to show that they completed the policy review or policy training. There has to be some way to document this or provide a record of delivery for the policy review or policy training part of the process.

The Employee Signoff can be as simple as clicking a checkbox to indicate you accept the policy or can include a digital signature.

The Employee Review and Training can be as simple as a PDF people review or be more like training with your policy content, video, quizzes and testing.

The Employee Reciept kicks off the process. You can email each person from the system. This gets them a message about the policy review, a link to login, and their login credentials. And you know when they get it and when they login.

It's a process

  • It's all online
  • It's avaialble 24/7
  • It's simple
  • It gets done

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