Ultimately, I Need to Show my Employees are Trained on my Policies

Documentation of the completion of the policy or training is vital for showing employees have been trained on your policies. Records that the policy was delivered, reviewed and signed off on are critical to the policy management process.

The Employee Sign-off can be as simple as clicking a checkbox to indicate they accept the policy, or a digital signature can be included.

The Employee Review and Training can be as simple as a PDF people review or it can be more comprehensive training where your policy content is presented in video form with quizzes and testing.

The Employee Receipt is the first from of proof. You can email any person from your list using the system. This gets them a message about the policy review, a link to login, and their login credentials. You will know when they get this email and when they login.

These features and more ensure training employees on your policies is easy and verifiable.

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