What Makes Policy Management So Difficult

The job of a Policy Manager is not an easy one. We know, we hear from people who have to manage their policies and the polocy review and training process. They share their challenges as they look for a better way to manage how they are able to get their job done.

How can we get our policy manual in front of only employees? When we only had a few employees this was easy. Now I can't get them in the same room at the same time very often. I could put the policy on our web site but then everyone can see it.

How can we track that each employee has been trained? I have tried a paper checklist. Then we used a spreadsheet which was fine for one year but not so good from year to year and with our turnover.

Is there a way we can get a digital signature from each employee? It's a big deal that people have read and understand our policies. If we did this online I want the same level of seriousness that they need to agree to follow and adhere to our policies.

Our policies are changing all the time, how can we keep them up to date? This was a problem, even when we were using paper. We would just print it and find a mistake or have to change it. It's important to have one master version and know which version employees have agreed to.

These are all legitimate concerns. The good news is we have a way to overcome each of these challenges. We've done it for others and we can do it for you.



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