How to get your policy manual online

Once you decide you want to manage your policy review process or policy training online, how do you start? What are the key features to successfully manage policies online? How do you get your online policy manual to your employees? How do you get proof of delivery for online policy manuals?

  1. An Online Account is the first step. The first thing you would get is a Company Account that lets you store your policy materials or content. Your Admin users can access this at any time and you can create logins for your employees to review your policy materials. There is a quick add feature for employees or we can import your employee list to get you started faster.
  2. A Policy Builder / Content Management tool is what lets you take your policy materials in whatever format you have them and transform them into an online friendly format. This can be as simple as copying a PDF of your company policy manual into your Online Account. Or maybe you have your policy in a Word document. The Online Policy Builder tool allows us to copy and paste the content into your Online Account. We can also work with PowerPoint. Audio narrations and video learning tools can also be used to enhance policy training. We can do all of this for you and show you how you can change it if you want, or we will keep your policies up to date for you.
  3. Controlled Access for Employees is important because your policies are your policies and you don't want just anyone to see them. You don’t want your policies open for public use, you only want your authorized personal to see. It is amazing how many large companies have their policy manual sitting on their public web site. This may be OK if you are a public company or if you are required to do so. However in most cases it is most beneficial not to publicize policies that don’t need to be available to the public. With PolicyMagic your online policy manual is stored in your Company Account and you give each employee their own login to review and sign off on the the policies relevant to them. This can include controlled access for employees in different departments or for stakeholders who don’t need access to workplace policies.
  4. A Notification System that efficiency and conveniently keep employees up to date. Each employee gets an email letting them know they can click on a link and review your Company Policy Manual, online, anytime and anywhere. You can notify 50 people or 500 people with one click. You can also send reminders to the ones who don't do it right away - again with just one click.
  5. Tracking and Admin is a common concern of most people who manage policy review or policy training, they come to us looking for a solution to. Do you want a simple way of keeping track of who has reviewed the policy materials? Do you want one central place to store policy materials?  Do you want an efficient way to allow employees to be trained or review policy content? Do you want to be able to easily test on policy content after training? This is all easily achieved through good tracking and admin.
  6. Options to Include or Customize is what make this a complete solution. Just as each policy is individual to each organization, how you manage your policies may also be specific to your organization. You have the option to include features such as testing, including a sign off, adding a Certificate of Completion, receiving notifications as each person completes, and more features. Additionally the login page for your employees can be customize with your logo or company name.
  7. Room to Grow is important as your organization changes and grows, your policies need to be updated and employees may need to renew their knowledge and acceptance or be retrained. You can create new versions of your policies, manage the renewal process and be specific to each person's policy review and acceptance. You can easily scale up the number of people or the number of policies. You can even adjust to manage multiple locations across the country or around the world. Whenever and however you grow the policy management system can grow with you.

Getting your policy manual online is simple, need something we haven't mentioned? Let us know, we love a challenge!



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