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Have You Outgrown Your Technology

Technology is just the tool we use to do a job. Printing a policy manual and giving employees a copy to read is the tool many businesses start out using.

And at some point they outgrow this technology just like many of the other technologies they rely on. What worked when they had 10 people doesn't work so well when they have 100.

  • It may not be fast enough to meet compliance requirements.
  • It may be too difficult to keep track of who saw which version.
  • It may take more time to coordinate than you have available.
  • It may cost more per person than you want to spend.
  • It may not be effective at training their people.

We expect you are involved in the management of this process in your organization. And when you outgrow what you are doing it affects everyone.

  • Employees may be frustrated.
  • Customers may be feeling the effects of inconsistent quality and service delivery.
  • Management may be creating demands for change.
  • Regulatory and compliance groups may get involved.
  • And all of this is on your shoulders.

These are some of the reasons why people end up talking to us. In each case they were looking for something better, something more.

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